These Are the Signs That Your Sunroof is damaged


The Sunroof Doctor is an organisation that is passionate about providing the highest caliber of sunroof solutions to our clients. We offer expertise and impeccable repairs on the product categories relating to sunroofs. There are signs that your sunroof is damaged that every driver should be aware of.

The sunroof parts can be extended to Manual Pop-up sunroof parts, Electric Spoiler Sunroof Parts as well as Electric Built-In sunroof parts. All of the above-mentioned sunroofs can be subject to damage over time and there could be depending factors that could cause the sunroof to be damaged.

In this article, we will be discussing the typical signs that your sunroof is damaged.

The first indicative sign of a damaged sunroof is if the sunroof is leaking water. The most identifying factor corresponding with the leaking sunroof is if there is a specific musty smell or have identified mold spores on the interior. The condensation from the roof could most likely travel across the interior of the vehicle.

An additional sign of the sunroof leaking is when the level of humidity and moisture is higher than the normal levels. This also includes when the interior roof is bulging and when the thin porous layer material absorbs water.

Broken glass can be accumulated with tiny breaks in the sunroof and can be due to objects on top or accumulating the debris. When the sunroof also gets stuck halfway through the movement, the mechanical and functional issues can also arise and is a sign of the sunroof being damaged.

Motor damage and internal gears could be fused due to exposed electrical wires that could restrict movement to the motor. The cables and track components are equally important to identify if the sunroof could work.

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