How Are Sunroofs Serviced? A Quick Mini Guide

Serviced Sunroofs


In this article, we will be discussing how sunroofs are serviced and some preventative tips and tricks for maintaining the best sunroof. A sunroof has the main functionality to withstand harsh ultraviolet rays and extreme weather conditions.

The main components of a sunroof include the gear motor from which the movements are controlled, the athermancy glass as well as the actuation mechanism. In addition, the drive rail pivots, drive cable and drive rails all assist with the sunroof opening and closing accordingly.

To avoid the sunroof from damage and possible leakages is to maintain it regularly. Open the sunroof and clean the visible areas using a clean cloth and vacuum. It should be important to clean the sides and tracks of the sunroof to ensure that any debris accumulation is wiped away.

Panoramic versions of sunroofs are quickly becoming the popular choice amongst vehicle owners. By using a small amount of heat resistant grease such as white lithium can assist with lubricating the mechanisms used. Consider using chemicals that do not vaporize in warm weather.

Other preventative measures for maintaining your sunroof is to check for any leakage through cracks, jagged edges or any puncturing wires that are visible. Parking under foliage and leaving the sunroof open does cause debris to fall inside the sunroof and cause damage.

Sunroof Doctor offers a full sunroof service as a preventative measure, which we recommend should be done every 12-24 months (as you would service your vehicle’s engine). We offer no obligation quotations.

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