3 Ways Your Car’s Sunroof can get Damaged


Sunroof Doctor offers a comprehensive range of sunroof services for damaged sunroofs that repairs and services a variety of damaged sunroofs and moonroofs. The sunroof is a movable panel that is operable to uncover an opening in the roof to allow light and ventilation into the passenger compartment.

In this article, we will be identifying 3 Ways that your Car’s Sunroof can get damaged:

  • Excessive leakage

Leaking sunroofs can damage the actual sunroof from opening and closing. A leaking sunroof could potentially damage other components of your vehicle such as the upholstery and electronics. The structural integrity of the vehicle could also become compromised as the mechanical assemblies, rubber and other electrical components would also be directly impacted.

  • Exposure to extreme weather conditions

If the sunroof is constantly exposed to harsh ultraviolet rays or even gale force winds and hail over consistent periods of time, then the sunroof could potentially be more likely to become damaged. In addition, if the sunroof is not regularly cleaned, then it would become more susceptible to corrosion and debris accumulation.

  • Driving while speeding

When a vehicle is driving over the recommended speed limit with the sunroof open, the vehicle’s aerodynamics can become turbulent as the airflow is compromised.

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